Of course, you have many options in choosing a firm to manage your wealth. But the elements that set Tolleson Wealth Management apart from the other firms are vital:

High Net-Worth Focus

We have focused on and have significant experience in managing the financial affairs of ultra high net-worth families. Our advice is based on a deep understanding of those with significant wealth and the opportunities and challenges that face them.

Focus on Objective Advice, Counsel, and Oversight

Our advice is 100% objective and focused on your best interests. We do not offer any products, accept commissions or provide fee sharing agreements from any outside firm. We do not employ salespeople or expect employees to be salespeople; our employees are compensated solely on the level of service they deliver. Our clients always come first.

Complete Confidence in our Investment Expertise

Investment management is the core service we offer, and our philosophy, process and results are the strengths of our firm. We have complete confidence in all investment recommendations that we make and possess a long, distinguished track record for performance. As a result, the Tolleson family invests alongside every client.

Leverage and Access

We have access to the finest financial resources, including money managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, brokerage houses and banks in addition to legal, tax and insurance services. Our substantial buying power affords us access to institutional platforms and reduced costs that are passed directly to the client. We also aren’t limited to our own products, as many other intuitions are, which allows us the freedom to choose from a wide range of investment professionals and options.

Innovative Research and Ideas

Fortunately for our industry, think tanks around the globe are continuously developing new financial solutions. Our contacts and networks provide us with access to the best and brightest investment, tax, and financial services and firms. We constantly research and evaluate the newest ideas in the industry. Our investment team performs a tremendous amount of due diligence under the oversight of our knowledgeable investment committee.

Family Security

Many of our client families are looking for an advisor or trust administration services that can ensure continuity in the long-term management of their financial affairs. Our experience working with multi-generational families brings our client families peace of mind because we care about not only earning your trust, but keeping it. We want younger generations of a family to feel comfortable knowing they have a financial partner they can rely on to do what’s best for them.

Strategic Services

The scope of our full-service resources allows the complete coordination of investments, estate planning, taxes, banking, trust administration and other financial matters. Your needs can be met in every financial situation, across all facets of wealth management, no matter how simple or complex.

Sustainability of the Firm

From day one, we have built and managed our business with an eye on the future. We have thoughtfully and carefully invested in the infrastructure of our firm, building tremendous depth on our management and senior leadership teams. We believe it’s important that our clients know our family advisors will be their partner for a very long time.

Fee Structure

Our fees are typically quarterly fixed fees, which are based on the amount of assets being managed and services provided. Most clients see that our services represent a significant value and savings in many areas.

Private Company

Tolleson Wealth Management is owned solely by the founders, employees and directors of the firm; there are no outside owners. Because of this, there are no external forces to create earnings pressure, allowing us to do what is right for our client and keeping the long-term continuity of the business. This is also vitally important to keeping complete and total confidentiality.

The Tolleson Way

Four generations of the Tolleson family have chosen financial services as their way of life. We know and have seen a tremendous number of circumstances a family can confront. We stand ready to assist our clients with any aspect of their financial situation.