Managing Director Susan Jenevein Moderates Dallas DC Finance and High Net Worth Conference

April 06, 2023 - Philanthropy & Giving
2 Min read

Managing Director of Philanthropy and Family Engagement Susan Jenevein recently moderated the Dallas DC Finance and High Net Worth Conference at the George Bush Presidential Center. The conference represents a global series of intimate events featuring executives, known thought leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Susan, who introduced each session throughout the day, also facilitated an engaging panel around family giving and aligning impact.

“Uniting a large family under a common cause is impactful,” Susan described through her experiences working with multi-generational families, “Philanthropy and family giving done in a coordinated way with a formal structure can help bring the next generation up.”

Through her discussion, she described how family values can play an important role in the giving process when integrated with decision-making, also allowing leadership opportunities and ways for younger generations to get involved. “There are benefits to bringing in children when they are young,” she explained. For example, giving them the opportunity to help with grant decisions can combine their passion and interests with an entry-level involvement in the family’s wealth.

Accompanying panelists Gena Tadewald, Mary Kay Ash’s granddaughter, and her son, Reed Standly, discussed the power that coordinated family giving has had in their larger family and in their own nuclear families. “We realized how much we enjoyed giving together as a whole family,” Reed explained. Even in times of conflict or disagreements, working together through philanthropic decisions puts the family in a position to work together to compromise and make decisions together.

Susan, as part of her role at Tolleson, helps clients create and implement strategies related to private family foundations, public charities, and donor-advised and charitable trusts. In addition to helping families navigate their giving and values-based decisions, she specializes in place-based philanthropy, philanthropic strategy, and delivering impact through for-profit and non-profit collaboration.

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