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May 5, 2020 | News & Events

Family Learning Consultant Jeff Strese Provides Insights to Family Business Magazine about the Rising Generation

rising generation

While assisting families prepare the rising generation for leadership, Family Learning Consultant Jeff Strese often sees young adults eager to get involved with their family’s enterprise. In his latest Family Business Magazine article, “Good practices in family well-being: Embracing the rising generation,” he highlights how families can gain stronger unity by improving communication and learning opportunities to make better financial decisions together.

“Money and wealth generally aren’t easy topics for parents to discuss with their children, especially at a young age.” Strese writes. He recommends engaging children in the family enterprise early on to help them develop their skills and to demonstrate what their growth and abilities could lead to in the future. Giving together is often a fun and contagious practice that can open conversations up about passions and interests.

In addition to developing skills and discussing interests, Strese emphasizes making learning and training a regular part of the rising generation’s development. By creating appropriate roles and opportunities to get involved, it provides them with an avenue to further develop their leadership skills.

With millennials making up the largest generation in the U.S. Labor force, it is critical for families to make their family system successful by engaging, embracing, and encouraging new and better opportunities for them. Strese continues to lead efforts in engaging the rising generation as he works with client families within the scope of the firm’s family learning services.

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