A one hundred dollar bill in the shape of a puzzle piece to signify Tolleson Wealth Management's ability to be the piece of the puzzle missing in your quest for wealth management


Having wealth can allow you to do anything you want with your time. Managing wealth can dominate every waking minute of your time. Tolleson Wealth Management strives to resolve the paradox.


The Tolleson family had a need for sophisticated personal financial management with someone who would have only the best interests of the family in mind. They succeeded in creating a highly effective family office operation. Having experienced the benefits, they wanted other families to benefit as well-being free to pursue the life they desire, confident that their wealth is in the best of hands.


The staff of your family office must be more than independent advisors; they must be advocates and stewards of your resources. At Tolleson Wealth Management, your interests are our best interest.

Tolleson Wealth Management seeks to assemble the best possible group of service providers for your unique situation and oversee their work on your behalf. As your family office, our allegiance is undivided.


It is reasonable to expect that, as a person of substantial wealth, you should receive a level of personal service somewhat beyond the norm.

Sadly, we have found that such service is hard to come by in today’s world. We have taken it upon ourselves to proudly carry the torch of classic, individualized service.