Family Engagement

We help families thrive, individually and together, by building on their strengths and desired outcome.

We help prepare your family for resilience, transition, and connection across generations with a customized approach. We strive for our time with families to be fun, engaging, and enjoyable.

What We Offer

Based on more than two decades of experience working with families of wealth and employing a strengths-based approach, our team can help you build on your family’s long-term vision. Whether your goal is to prepare rising leaders, create a thriving family over generations, or meet your own specific objective, we are here to help. Our customizable, proprietary approach is designed to help you connect as a family and equip individual family members for the opportunities and challenges of wealth.

  • Rising generation leadership programming such as coaching and peer cohorts
  • Working with parents and their children to build wealth skills
  • Aligning and engaging families in areas of skillset, mindset, communication, and impact
  • Thriving in family-owned and operated businesses
  • Family vision and mission
  • Capturing and sharing family legacy, history, and personal stories

What Makes Us Different

It is in the application. Other advisors can help with the development of a family’s vision, mission, and values. We are unique in that we can make those come alive in the operation of your wealth. We help you ask and answer questions like:

Values and Vision

How are your values and vision reflected in the administration of trusts?

Estate Planning

How does your estate plan incorporate your family legacy, history, and personal stories?


What family conversations have you had about the purpose of wealth?