Trustee and Estate Settlement Services

We offer a full suite of services to guide clients with trusts and estates. We work with you to create and execute a plan that reflects and aligns with your family’s long-term goals and values.

Far from a dusty legal document, a trust reflects a family’s desire for clarity, continuity, and legacy protection. Our experience helps to ensure your wishes and foresight are the basis of your trust strategy and are carried out in a professional manner that reflects your values and vision.

What We Offer

Tolleson Private Bank2 provides comprehensive corporate trustee and estate settlement services. We have experience working with family enterprises to carry out each settlors’ intent. This includes working directly with beneficiaries on the stewardship of distributions and the day-to-day administration of trusts or estates holding a wide range of assets. Our services allow for seamlessly integrating your estate plan and the wealth transition to future generations.

  • Corporate trustee
  • Corporate executor
  • Individual trust support
  • Estate settlement

What Makes Us Different

Legacy Protection

Trusts offer privacy, continuity, and safety benefits but can also create unique challenges. We help you find the best way to communicate your legacy and values. We build deep relationships with family members while providing coaching and mentorship to prepare future generations to be successful beneficiaries.

Trust Administration

We can serve as trustees, co-trustees, or agents for trustee to ensure effective trust administration. Our private bank can also serve as corporate trustee of trusts with directed investments and can administer estates as executors or co-executors, so the wishes as expressed in your will can be carried out in a timely and efficient manner as planned.

Estate Planning

Our team thinks in terms of multi-generational legacy. We perform an in-depth discovery and detailed review of your estate planning documents to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of your financial position.