Our Story

We are founded on family and focused on clients. Our comprehensive resources and service-centric mindset allow us to give advice that is objective and focused on your best interests. Serving as your partner, we operate in a capacity that extends beyond traditional wealth management.

Our History

What started as a single-family office built to serve the needs of the founding Tolleson family became a comprehensive solution for many families over time and as client needs grew.

  • 1997

    John Tolleson opens a family office to manage his family’s needs.

  • 2003

    Tolleson Private Bank2 is formed.

  • 2008

    Family governance and engagement launches.

  • 2017

    John Tolleson transitions to Executive Chairman and Carter Tolleson to CEO.

  • 2023

    Opening of a second location and bank branch.

  • 2000

    Tolleson Wealth Management begins serving the needs of similar families, becoming a multi-family office.

  • 2006

    Tolleson Private Bank activates its trust charter, allowing it to serve as corporate trustee.

  • 2014

    Addition of philanthropy services and foundation management.

  • 2020

    The company celebrates 20 years of serving clients and their families.


Our Purpose

We are dedicated to enriching our client’s lives through a culture of service. Our purpose was born out of an innate desire to serve, starting with the Tolleson family. We work collaboratively with families to understand their needs, values, and vision. Our goal is to craft creative solutions, bring transparency and meaning to complex financial information, and help you make sustainable decisions for the long term.

We structured our team to thrive in an environment focused on innovation, teamwork, and access to shared knowledge. We provide a unique experience we feel is different than other, more transactional firms. We take the time to understand your specific situation, create a customized strategy, and coordinate every detail. Our mission is to take care of families.

“We place an extremely high value on personal relationships and understanding the unique needs of every client we serve.”

J. Carter Tolleson, CEO
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Our Values

Our values play an important role in guiding our relationships and inspiring our teams to remain solution oriented. When solving complex problems for our clients, we consistently challenge ourselves to create, collaborate, and uplift each other to be the best we can be.


As a firm founded with a service mindset, we put people first – whether it’s supporting a client, a team member, or our community.


To us, excellence is about accuracy and execution. We want to deliver a level of service that is unrivaled in the industry.


No task is completed without the support of others. We’ve built a strong team that honors the power of communication and feedback as an integral part of its process.


Doing the right thing is important to how we conduct business. We uphold the practices of being honest and ethical in everything we do.


We stimulate new ideas and growth by remaining curious. By challenging the status quo, we empower leadership and innovation throughout our teams.

Staffed to Serve

As your partner, we strive to meet the needs of every financial situation and function as your family office. We have built and managed our business with an eye on the future. We thoughtfully and carefully invested in the infrastructure of our company, building tremendous depth on our management and senior leadership teams.

We aim to deliver seamless integration, depth in knowledge, and efficient coordination by creating your multi-disciplinary team with a primary advisor and supporting advisory staff. Our advisors are not compensated with sales commissions or portfolio performance incentives. We are focused on our goal to serve you, not to sell.

Our Commitment to Community

Our servant’s heart extends beyond what we do for clients. We invest considerable resources into bettering our local community and supporting non-profit organizations. In addition to making grants and sponsorships, our team regularly lends their expertise, time, and talents to helping various organizations. We are recognized nationally as a “Charitable Champion” by the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation for our work giving back to the community and promoting a culture of philanthropy.

We support the community through programs like lending for affordable housing creation, creation of economic opportunities and development, funding of much-needed community services, and the revitalization and stabilization of historically underserved communities. You can read more about our ongoing efforts.