Financial Reporting
and Bill Pay

We offer a long-term sustainable family office solution aimed to effectively meet your bookkeeping, bill pay, and financial reporting needs.

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We can help you create the ultimate succession plan. Our dedicated team of professionals can provide a reliable internal family office structure, continuity of process year over year, and backup support in every role and function.

What We Offer

By providing simplified and comprehensive financial reporting, we offer you complete and accurate information to make decisions about your family enterprise. Our services meet a broad set of needs, whether you want better controls, are experiencing personnel changes, or wish to eliminate the burden of running a full-charge family office. Reporting is highly customized, and we can expand visibility as your needs grow and evolve.

  • Bill pay
  • Financial summary, net worth, and net income statements
  • Forecasted annual budgeting
  • Cash flow summary
  • Principal and income schedules
  • Preparation of class-based reporting
  • General ledger preparation for tax accounting
  • Secure historical records for payments and expenses

What Makes Us Different


When you onboard, we have a detailed document gathering process to review every client-held asset from a technical and operational perspective. We then build out your custom view to create a financial reporting solution that incorporates all the necessary bookkeeping functions you need.


Our platform provides a solution for bookkeeping to track your daily cash flow and respective entity management. Our workflows allow streamlined efficiency for managing accounts payable and ensuring control requirements are met.

Established Process

The three-step approval process we put in place helps to ensure internal control standards are met within the full scope of our roles and responsibilities. Our goal is for you to have a seamless experience, no matter how complex your entities are.

Client Impact

How we serve our client families.
Continuity Planning

Many clients have someone in their family or business who takes care of all the bills and service accounts such as utility bills, house services, etc. But what if something happens to that person? We can help keep the continuity of services with comprehensive reporting that keeps you informed and maintains continuity across any situation.

Complicated Account Management

Clients can occasionally have anywhere from 10 or more entities that they need detailed management, all with different bank accounts. By managing the complexities of these entities with Tolleson, our team can manage the payment process and provide you with accurate data to help you make decisions about your family enterprise.