Estate Planning

The ability to plan for multi-generational wealth or long-term philanthropic planning begins with a thoughtful and practical estate plan.

Estate planning is much more than the legal transaction of completing a will or minimizing taxes. It’s about envisioning the possibilities in how your future generations and/or charities will steward the wealth you have left them.

What We Offer

Starting with a deep understanding of your family’s financial situation and legacy goals, we work with you to create a plan that aims to minimize estate tax and maximize benefits to future generations and charitable enterprises. We focus on the creation of these plans as well as the execution and implementation of each plan. 

  • Goals and long-term vision for wealth
  • Creation of planning ideas
  • Estate plan execution
  • Implementation of wealth-transfer strategies
  • Ongoing management to carry out your plan

What Makes Us Different


Beyond helping our families craft their estate plans, we also can serve as the fiduciaries carrying out those wishes after your passing. We can advise you on what your family will experience when a loved one passes away.


Once your plan is in place, your team takes all the necessary steps to execute the plan through entity structures, asset titling, and annual oversight to ensure what you want to happen does happen.

Next Generation Education

Your team works with you on a plan to educate and prepare the next generation to understand your end-of-life wishes and become stewards of the legacy you built.