Our Leadership Team

The Tolleson team is staffed to provide a highly personal service experience that fosters strong, long-term relationships. We have built our business to serve, as evidenced by one of the highest advisor-to-client ratios in the region.

Executive Management

Client Advisory Senior Team Leadership

Client Advisory Team Advisors

Investment Management

Private Banking

Specialty Team Leadership

Firm Administration

Board of Directors

  • Dary Stone
    President and CEO of R. D. Stone Interests and Chairman of the Tolleson Wealth Management Audit Committee
  • J. Carter Tolleson
    President and CEO
  • Pamela Patsley
    Chairman of Tolleson Wealth Management's Compensation Committee
  • John C. Tolleson
    Executive Chairman
  • Debbie Tolleson
    President of Tolleson Family Foundation
  • Eric W. Bennett
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Gene Bishop
    Retired Bank Executive and Advisory Director of Tolleson Wealth Management (deceased)