Hiring A Multi-Family Office


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Hiring Us

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You have significant wealth with greater than $20 million of liquidity and/or $50 million in net worth.
  • You need coordinated advice across asset/investment management, risk management, income tax planning, estate planning, family philanthropy, and other areas where specific expertise is important.
  • You are a family in transition and seeking business or family succession planning with resources regarding family governance and family learning.
  • You need someone to provide organized, orderly reporting on family wealth.
  • You need “another set of eyes” to evaluate, manage, and report on private investment opportunities.


We work with you to gain a deep understanding of your family’s goals and vision. We build a complete, detailed financial picture to support proactive financial and cash flow planning, tax planning, estate planning, and philanthropic planning.

We also handle the “care and feeding” of your plan by implementing, monitoring, and adjusting when and where needed, keeping you informed with comprehensive reporting and communication along the way. Through this proven process, we can help you reach your goals while freeing you to focus in other areas that matter to you.


Our holistic process and client-focused mindset were both developed from more than two decades of serving ultra-high net worth families with all things financial. Our integrated services go beyond traditional financial planning, enabling us to understand complex financial structures and manage a wide range of assets. We strive to simplify the complexities of wealth to provide you a better and more holistic view into your overall financial situation.