2023 Morocco Earthquake & Libya Flood Giving Guide

September 11, 2023
4 Min read

The Philanthropy Services Team is here to provide you with vetted organizations to help with international disaster relief. This past week has brought devastating disasters in Morocco and Libya.

Search and rescue efforts are underway in Morocco after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Friday, Sept. 8. near Adassil, Morocco, about 50 miles south of Marrakech. The earthquake is the hardest to hit Morocco in 120 years and was felt as far as Portugal and Algeria. The full scale of the damage remains unclear as many of the hardest-hit communities were in the rural Atlas Mountains, where rescuers continue to work to gain access.

On Monday, Sept. 11, heavy rainfall brought by Storm Daniel caused two dams to burst in the city of Derna, Libya, destroying entire neighborhoods as well as major roads and bridges. Officials estimate that over 5,000 have died with approximately 10,000 missing. People are displaced and the damage is widespread.

If you are interested in helping these relief efforts, we have included some suggestions below.

Morocco & Libya




Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a full-time resource dedicated to helping donors maximize their impact through expert resources, community-driven grantmaking, and philanthropic consulting services. The CPD Global Recovery Fund provide funds for the ongoing and ever-expanding needs of Humanitarian Emergencies such as Morocco and Libya. (Morocco and Libya)

International Medical Corps relieves the suffering of those affected by conflict, disaster, and disease, often in difficult and dangerous environments. Its teams can provide shelter, mobile health services, water, sanitation, and hygiene.

UNICEF has a mission to relentlessly pursue a more equitable world for every child and recognizes that children are always among the most vulnerable populations in the aftermath of a disaster. The organization is providing emergency shelter, water, medical care, and psychosocial support to children in Morocco and Libya.


American Red Cross donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from disasters. This includes providing food, shelter, relief supplies, emotional support, recovery planning, and other assistance. Moroccan Red Crescent (MRCS) teams were on the ground immediately, coordinating closely with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and local authorities to assess the situation, support in the search and rescue operation, and provide help to affected people. It provides first aid, psychosocial support, and helps transport the injured to hospitals.

CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice. It has been working with Morocco since 2008. Due to the existing relationship, CARE is able to quickly prioritize providing meals, safe water supply, emergency shelter, and medical support to families that have been impacted by the earthquake.

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach, and disaster response. Its Crisis Relief Fund is helping get necessary supplies, such as food, water, hygiene products, shelter, blankets, and generators, to those in need.

GiveDirectly is a nonprofit that lets donors send money directly to the world’s poorest households. Through its Emergency Relief Fund, GiveDirectly helps impacted families meet their most immediate needs.

Doctors Without Borders brings medical care to people affected by conflict, disasters, epidemics, and social exclusion. Medical teams are on the ground working with local hospitals to provide essential supplies and medical treatment.

Project Hope provides direct health care services, equips clinics and hospitals, trains local health care workers, and delivers solutions that help people access the health care services they need. Project Hope is responding to the earthquake in partnership with its long-time partner SAMU, a Spanish medical emergency organization, that is providing search and rescue operations on the ground near the earthquake’s epicenter.

World Central Kitchen serves chef-prepared meals to communities impacted by natural disasters and during humanitarian crises. In Morocco, its Relief Team is using helicopters and motor vehicles to identify hard-hit communities spread across the region. They are providing sandwiches, fruit, and water to offer immediate support and their team in Spain is on its way with multiple food trucks and kitchen equipment to begin cooking fresh meals as soon as possible.


International Rescue Committee (IRC) works in the US and internationally to help people affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover, and rebuild their lives. The IRC is conducting a joint needs assessment with on-ground partners to respond accordingly.

When Making Donations

If you’re interested in donating to one or more of these organizations through your donor-advised fund or private foundation, please let us know. If you decide to donate to an organization directly, we encourage you to give to one of these organizations or an organization you know. Make sure your donation is secure by donating through an organization’s official website or sending a check in the mail. GoFundMe sites or links through social media sites are discouraged because of scams exploiting this crisis. For all donations, please specify that the donation is to assist the people affected by the natural disaster relief effort you want to support.