2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquake Resource Guide

February 08, 2023 - Philanthropy & Giving
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On the morning of February 6, 2023, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake followed by a second powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake caused massive destruction in Turkey and Syria. The two quakes, along with at least 120 aftershocks have left thousands dead or injured. The deadly seismic events could be felt as far away as Lebanon and Israel. If you are interested in helping with immediate rescue and relief needs, we have included some suggestions below:

Airlink is a nonprofit organization working with aviation and logistics partners to transport relief workers and emergency supplies for reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) responding to rapid-onset disasters and other humanitarian crises around the globe. Airlink is convening and engaging with its network of NGO partners to ascertain immediate transport needs and anticipate search and rescue personnel and needs assessment teams. These will be the first batch of responder flights Airlink undertakes. Airlink’s experience of past earthquake responses is that they unfold along a short, medium, and long-term horizon with needs changing at each stage.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is the only full-time resource dedicated to helping donors maximize their impact through expert resources, community-driven grantmaking, and philanthropic consulting services. CDP’s Turkey & Syria Earthquake Recovery Fund provides targeted grantmaking that prioritizes needs identified in collaboration with local partners. With an emphasis on medium and long-term recovery, CDP works to identify gaps in recovery funding to help direct financial and technical support where it is needed most. Shelter, protection, cash assistance, and health care will be sorely needed in the weeks and months ahead. For more information or to donate, please click the link above.

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiative, community outreach, and disaster response. In partnering with local churches, businesses, civic organizations, and government agencies, Convoy strategically offers help and hope to communities around the world. You can provide relief to earthquake survivors through Convoy’s Crisis Relief Fund. For more information or to donate, please click the link above.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) offers medical humanitarian assistance to people based solely on need. Doctors Without Borders teams working in northwestern Syria have mobilized with local partners to respond to the increasing needs in the area. MSF provided immediate support to 23 health facilities across Idlib and Aleppo by donating emergency medical kits and supporting them with medical staff to reinforce their teams. For more information or to donate, please click the link above.

Samaritan’s Purse is a faith-based organization. Samaritan’s Purse responds to the urgent needs of families devastated by natural disasters. Whether in the United States or abroad, they come alongside hurting people to bring emergency relief and practical help. Samaritan’s Purse is working with local partners on the ground to assess needs. Their International Emergency Relief funds allows the organization the flexibility to meet specific needs as they arrive. For more information or to donate, please click the link above.

When Making Donations

If you’re interested in donating to one or more of these organizations through your donor-advised fund or private foundation, please let us know. If you decide to donate to an organization directly, we encourage you to give to one of these organizations or an organization you know. Make sure your donation is secure by donating through an organization’s official website or sending a check in the mail. GoFundMe sites or links through social media sites are discouraged because of scams exploiting this crisis. For all donations, please specify that the donation is to assist the people affected by the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the victims of these devastating earthquakes.