Bonton Farms Founder Daron Babcock speaks to Tolleson about “Planting Seeds of Change”

April 11, 2024
2 Min read

“What can we do as individuals to make a difference?” Daron Babcock, the visionary founder of Bonton Farms, posed to employees in a recent conversation. “If each of us just did our unique little part in the things that we do, it’s not little, and things start to change all around you. It may feel small, but it’s not small.” 

Babcock’s recent stirring discussion for Tolleson’s Podcast Club illuminated the power of community and relationships, resonating deeply with the 50+ Tolleson employees in attendance. Babcock’s challenge was poignant, powerful, and relevant: “What are those ways that you can take an active part and re-building to social part of our society? …It’s something about the people. People and relationships.” Our team walked away inspired and more dedicated than ever to fostering meaningful change in our city alongside key changemakers like Bonton Farms.  

Bonton Farms, a sustainable urban farm and market nestled in the heart of South Dallas, continues to be a beloved community partnership for the Tolleson team. The collaboration of our organizations has been ongoing for the last few years and has spanned a variety of service projects and initiatives.  

Last month, Tolleson hosted a “Spring Service Saturday” volunteer day for employees in March. Thirty of our team members rolled up their sleeves to work in the farm’s gardens, tend to animals, and harvest fresh produce. For us, these hands-on experiences are not a box to check, but a direct reflection of Tolleson’s core values of service, integrity, and teamwork in action.  

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Bonton Farms for allowing us to serve South Dallas alongside you. We are grateful for your shared vision of empowerment and opportunity for our neighbors and we can’t wait for what’s in store for our partnership in the months and years to come.