CEO Carter Tolleson Talks Strategy with Dallas Business Journal Amid COVID-19

April 02, 2020 - Firm Update
2 Min read

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in the United States, investors were caught by surprise causing financial markets to quickly lose their footing. A recent Dallas Business Journal article addresses the shifting financial strategies across different types of wealth management firms. CEO Carter Tolleson shares his thoughts on Tolleson Wealth Management’s approach during this time: “We’re built for the long-term and invest for the long-term.”

As a multi-family office serving clients with all things financial, investment management plays a vital role in sustaining wealth. “Since day one, our strategy has always been focused on wealth preservation – to limit the downside in bad markets,” says Carter. “Our portfolios are performing in-line with expectations and what we sought to achieve with our strategy.” Advisors work with clients to determine customized strategies to fit a client’s needs and goals. In a situation like this, portfolios are already built to weather something like we’re seeing today with COVID-19.

With a dedicated Investment Team headed by Chief Investment Officer and firm Co-Founder Eric W. Bennett, the strategy starts with creating a customized, diversified portfolio that aligns with the client’s risk profiles. Facing today’s current challenges, the team continues to stay updated on how the virus affects global and local financial markets in order to manage client portfolios which includes taking advantage of investment opportunities that are presenting themselves today. As Carter tells Dallas Business Journal, “[COVID-19] is not changing the work we do necessarily, but it is changing how we do it. I think constant communication is key.”

Tolleson Wealth Management is committed to keeping clients updated on any financial impact that could happen as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Articles are curated and posted on the website in a special dedicated section you can view here.

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