Chief Investment Officer Eric W. Bennett Goes Inside the Investment with Frank M. Sands

March 31, 2021 - Investment Management
1 Min read

Chief Investment Officer Eric W. Bennett, CFA, hosted a virtual conversation with Sands Capital Management Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer Frank M. Sands, as part of Tolleson Wealth Management’s Inside the Investment series. Sands discussed the nuances of innovation investing and how he led his firm to success by identifying the differentiated leaders in technology and life sciences. Sands Capital invested in growth and technology stocks in the public markets when they started the firm in their early 1990s, and over the years have added expertise in life sciences spaces and expanded the area of focus to include private markets.

“We’ve been excited to partner with firms like Sands Capital to invest our clients’ capital in the quickly growing innovative companies in the technology and life sciences sector,” said Investment Director Peter Baldwin. “We especially appreciate the opportunity to have Frank share his unique insights with our clients.”

This event marks another in a series dedicated to going “inside the investment” to learn more about relevant strategies within portfolios. Learn more about the previous Inside the Investment event which focused on investing in biotechnology amid a pandemic here.