Company-Wide Virtual Happy Hour, Sips & Stocks, Helped Employees Stay Connected During COVID-19

September 29, 2020
2 Min read

Normally, a 4 p.m. meeting on a Friday is a hard sell. However, like everything else in 2020, that changed when the pandemic hit earlier this year. Investments Manager Kolby Sneathern began hosting Sips & Stocks, a virtual happy hour to discuss the current stock market, while employees worked from home during shelter-in-place. The dreaded Friday meetings quickly turned into employees’ favorite part of their week and something to look forward to in uncertain times.

Through the firm’s reverse mentorship program called Level, Sneathern grew close to President Richard Joyner. Joyner encouraged Sneathern to actively participate online and challenged him to do something to keep company spirits high during a period of decreased socialization. Out of this suggestion, Sneathern created Sips & Stocks and hosted these online meetings himself seminar style. While his stock knowledge and willingness to adorn himself in a festive outfit on camera were draws for viewers, the social aspect was what made Sips & Stocks so well-attended.

“The reason why it was popular wasn’t me. It was because of how much fun people had in the chat. I tried to strike the balance between providing an educational update of what was currently taking place in the markets while keeping it light and encouraging for everyone to have fun and unwind after a stressful week,” explains Sneathern.

Sips & Stocks’ popularity speaks to the overall work culture at Tolleson Wealth Management. Sneathern says “It’s a testament to how close-knit of a company it is.” With about 180 employees, Tolleson Wealth Management is committed to stressing the importance of positive company culture and a healthy work environment for everyone.