Disaster Relief Resources for Devastating Australia Wildfires

January 09, 2020 - Philanthropy & Giving
1 Min read

The bushfires in Australia have continued to grow and create devastation across the continent, harming many people and wildlife. Our thoughts are with those impacted and those volunteering to stop the fires. If you are interested in supporting the relief efforts, our Philanthropy Team has compiled information regarding the best ways to help and donate.

To ensure that your charitable dollars will be used wisely and effectively, donations should be made to well-established, qualified charities with a proven track record. Too often, fraudulent organizations that seem like legitimate charities are set up to accept donations from well-meaning people in times of emergencies and disasters.

Monetary donations are the most efficient way to support immediate, short-term relief efforts. The following organizations can accept donations and quickly put them to use as part of disaster recovery:

Tolleson Wealth Management’s dedicated Philanthropy Team is available to help evaluate the best way to carry out your charitable intentions and to facilitate your donations. For additional information on the variety of charitable giving options available to you or to discuss more about your overall giving strategy, please contact your Tolleson Wealth Management Advisor or the Philanthropy Team at 214-780-2663 or PhilanthropyServices@tollesonwealth.com.