Employees Accepted Into Dallas Leadership Programs

September 18, 2017 - Firm Update
2 Min read

Three Tolleson Wealth Management employees were accepted into Dallas leadership development programs this fall. Valerie Hooper, Shannon Listorti and Tracey Reyes, enrolled in competitive and application-based programs to develop their leadership skills, increase their community involvement and network with other professionals to enrich their careers at Tolleson Wealth Management.

Valerie Hooper, Philanthropy Advisor at Tolleson Wealth Management, is participating in Leadership ISD’s Civic Leaders Fellowship for Dallas County. The program focuses on topics in public education and developing advocacy skills to effectively influence systemic transformation.

“I wanted to apply based on my passion for education and a desire to be more directly involved in making change,” Hooper explained. “In my role as Philanthropy Advisor, I spend a significant amount of time researching and meeting with nonprofits in the education sector. Many of those organizations – from charter schools to afterschool programs, to early childhood education, to teacher support and retention programs – are doing admirable work fulfilling various needs.” The 10-month program is highly selective and provides access to keynote speakers and panels through a seminar-style structure.

Shannon Listorti, Communications and Marketing Advisor for the firm, enrolled in Business Council for the Arts’ (BCA) Leadership Arts Institute. The program’s website describes it as a series of sessions that provide “training in leadership, nonprofit board best practices and knowledge of critical issues affecting cultural institutions in North Texas.”

Tolleson Wealth Management already works in partnership with BCA for its On My Own Time program, hosting an internal art competition that leads to a regional display at NorthPark Center each fall. “I wanted to further my involvement with BCA and strength my leadership skills. I’m very passionate about the arts and this program seemed like a good fit for me,” Listorti said. “I hope to take away good networking opportunities and learn best practices in non-profit board leadership.”

Tracey Reyes, Vice President and Trust Officer with Tolleson Private Bank, joined the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL) 2017 Leadership Class, which is a bar organization “dedicated exclusively to the needs of young lawyers and the community service projects about which they are most passionate.” The Leadership Class was established in 1997 for young lawyers who want to make difference in their community and includes involvement opportunities and a class project.

“I had the desire to learn more about my adopted city of Dallas and how to become a more active participant in the community, as well as to build relationships with other young attorneys,” Reyes said. Approximately 40 young lawyers are selected through an application process into the program each year.

Tolleson Wealth Management funds the expense of these programs on behalf of its employees once they are accepted. Along with other types of support like certification assistance and customized training, Tolleson Wealth Management believes in the importance of developing talent through various avenues.

The firm hopes to continue to nominate its emerging leaders for these types of external opportunities each year.