Jennifer Kirksey’s Top 5 Tips For Growth in the Workplace

April 26, 2018
1 Min read

Jennifer Kirksey joined Tolleson Wealth Management in 2003 as a Performance Reporting Analyst, right out of college. She is the first employee to grow her career from entry-level analyst to Managing Director of Wealth Operations, having been promoted four times in the process. She currently oversees the firm’s Wealth Operations Department, managing two teams of 12 people. Kirksey is a strong role model in the wealth management industry who exemplifies what it means to grow a career from the ground up.

With the title Managing Director recently added to her responsibilities, Kirksey shares her top five tips for workplace growth:

  1. Embrace change and always be willing to learn new things.
  2. Build strong internal relationships across departments and hierarchy. It’s important to surround yourself with people and realize it’s better to work with others, not alone.
  3. Always look for opportunities, think beyond what you are paid to do. Absorb everything you can about your organization.
  4. Trust your instincts and believe in yourself. Knowledge is power.
  5. Speak up and voice your opinions. Remember that what you think matters.

Tolleson Wealth Management not only strives to provide a wonderful client experience, but is committed to cultivating talent and leading employees into leadership positions. As seen through Kirksey’s experience, growth is encouraged and recognized. In addition to achieving career milestones, the firm helps each employee flourish and grow in their unique talents.