Kristen Hadeed Brings a Next-Generation Perspective on Making Impact

November 20, 2018 - Firm Update
1 Min read

Tolleson Wealth Management hosted a client luncheon last week featuring Kirsten Hadeed, a young entrepreneur and Ted Talk speaker. Hadeed founded StudentMaid, a cleaning company that hires students, in 2007 while attending the University of Florida. Since then, she has employed thousands of students and published a best-selling book, Permission to Screw Up.

Hadeed spoke on making an impact, detailing her experience with StudentMaid and learning to lead by “doing everything the wrong way.” She described the ways that her business develops young adults and overcomes obstacles they face with their confidence and independence in the workplace.

Following her discussion about her personal story, Hadeed participated in a moderated conversation about her role as a young business owner. She offered advice for parents and grandparents about how to effectively coach and lead young adults.

In the afternoon following lunch, Hadeed held an internal training for the firm’s young professionals where she shared stories about her career failures and successes. She gave tips and advice for effective listening, sharing feedback between colleagues and bringing personal stories into the workplace.

Pictured: Kolby Sneathern, Senior Investments Analyst, with Kristen Hadeed.