Managing Director Dotti Reeder Shares her Leadership Journey with RIA Intel

August 04, 2020 - Firm Update
1 Min read

As she’s successfully grown her career in the financial industry, Managing Director Dotti Reeder shares her experience and advice as a top woman leader with RIA Intel’s writer Kristen Oliveri. “Without having many women in the workplace, I had to learn how men thought and behaved. I had to negotiate and advocate for myself the way they did,” Reeder explains when asked about working in a male-dominated industry. Reeder joined Tolleson Wealth Management in 2014 to help oversee and lead the firm’s largest department of client advisors. Today, 66% of employees are women and she continues to play an active role in developing and retaining young talent.

For women rising in their careers amid the pandemic and working remotely, Reeder also talks about how it is possible to juggle work and home life while continuing to advance in the workplace. Read the full RIA Intel article by Kristen Oliveri: Women in Wealth Management Must Set Priorities.