Richard Joyner and Jennifer Kirksey Discuss the Importance of Company Culture

July 08, 2022 - Culture & Community
2 Min read

Professionals in the wealth management industry gathered at BNY Mellon Pershing’s annual iNSITE22 conference to hear from industry leaders and innovators. President of Tolleson Wealth Management Richard Joyner and Managing Director Jennifer Kirksey both presented on the importance of building and maintaining a strong company culture.

Quoted in Financial Advisor IQ, Kirksey explained in her breakout session about the unique ways in which Tolleson keeps culture at the forefront of operations. “Culture is the backbone of Tolleson Wealth Management. I think we really do focus on culture first, because…that’s what keeps everyone working towards the same vision and motivates them.”

One significant aspect of company leadership development is the Reverse Mentor Program, in which younger employees mentor executives. The program helps to highlight up-and-coming talent while also introducing a fresh perspective to running the business. Started in 2018, the program continues to expand and thrive as the company grows.

Joyner, involved since the program’s inception, states, “It’s an amazing tool to learn how the younger generation sees things – you just learn a lot about the different lens through which they see the world.” He goes on to say, “It’s been so helpful as a more senior leader to be able to gain that insight and perspective.”

Maintaining a people-first vision for a company heavily depends on how the leadership team inspires open communication and new ideas from different areas of the business. Tolleson continues to practice this as it grows and positions itself for the future.

Image Source: BNY Mellon | Pershing iNSITE22