Tolleson Insights Podcast

January 28, 2021 - J. Richard Joyner
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Welcome to the Tolleson Insights Podcast where I share conversations to help families build on their success and leave a more meaningful legacy.

Ep. 7 – Family Leadership Development

Understanding the development of family leaders plays an important role as new generations emerge. In this episode, I discuss the path it takes to become a family leader and how to develop the skills and experiences needed for success.


Ep. 6 – Preparing for Your Family’s Future

As we transition into another year navigating the pandemic’s unknowns, a family’s need to prepare for succession and practice decision-making is greater. When unexpected circumstances occur, we help families have a plan in place to aid in the transition process. In this episode, I share why preparing for your family’s future helps to eliminate the unknowns of “what would happen if…”


Ep. 5 – Lessons Learned Navigating the Pandemic

Every family dynamic was disrupted and challenged during the pandemic. How have families navigated it? What are some of the valuable lessons learned? In this episode, I share observations and insights from working with client families during this unprecedented time.


Ep. 4 – Giving Together: Using Philanthropy to Prepare the Next Generation

Philanthropy provides families the unique opportunity to create impact, share values, and make decisions together. It can also play an important role in preparing the next generation for wealth transfer. In this episode, we talk with Director of Philanthropy and Family Engagement Susan Wells Jenevein about how families can apply tools in philanthropy to equip the next generation with valuable skills while they invest in causes they are passionate about.


Ep. 3 – Trustee Selection: The Five Principles to Consider

Understanding and carrying out the intent of a trust can get lost in translation as trust creators age or pass away and as new generations of beneficiaries emerge. It’s important to choose the right trustee to fulfill the family’s needs. In this episode, we discuss a roadmap with five key principles every families should consider.


Ep. 2 – Estate Planning: How to Choose a Trustee

I know death isn’t a favorite topic to talk about, but estate planning is a complex and important part of creating a legacy. One of the biggest decisions after understanding how a trust works is how to choose a trustee. In this episode, we break down what you should think about when going through the process.


Ep. 1 – “Do I Need a Multi-Family Office?”

Sharing some answers to one of the most commonly asked questions, “Do I need a multi-family office?”

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