Tolleson Private Bank Listed as a Best-Performing Small Bank by S&P Global Market Intelligence

April 20, 2023
2 Min read

S&P Global Market Intelligence recently released its list of best-performing small banks, with Tolleson Private Bank, Member FDIC, listed as #84 of the 3,782 banks eligible for the analysis.

“We’re delighted to see these banks and credit unions continue to serve their local markets as they weather swift increases in interest rates and elevated inflation,” said Nathan Stovall, director of financial institutions research at S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Quality data and insights continue to be a vital source for the market especially during these volatile times, and we are committed to providing transparency through these rankings to help the market make informed decisions.”

Tolleson Private Bank was founded in 2003 and remains a highly customized and attentive banking service for clients. In June 2022, employees celebrated the Bank hitting more than $1 billion in assets. Tolleson Private Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tolleson Wealth Management. Having a well-operated bank is a differentiator in how Tolleson Wealth Management serves clients with all things financial. “I’m really proud of this team,” commented CEO Carter Tolleson. “Our goal at Tolleson is to serve our clients and we focus on doing that in every aspect of our business. When we rank high in a competitive list like this, it helps validate our efforts.”

About the S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis:

This list was compiled on March 3, 2023 and based on financials for the year ended Dec. 31, 2022. Scores were calculated for each company based on the following metrics: pretax return on tangible common equity, efficiency ratio, cost of funds, five-year average operating revenue growth, five-year average net charge-offs to average loans and leases ratio, nonperforming assets and loans 90 days or more past due as a percentage of total assets and leverage ratio. Each company’s standard deviation from the industry mean was calculated for every metric, weighted, then combined to derive a performance score. To help normalize the data and mitigate the impact of outliers, caps and floors were applied for each metric.

Criteria for the ranking included a gross loans and leases-to-total assets ratio of at least 33% with no more than half of those loans in credit cards; a leverage ratio of at least 5%; no active severe enforcement actions; a result other than “substantial noncompliance” or “needs to improve” in the bank’s most recent Community Reinvestment Act exam; a yield on loans and leases of no more than 3x the industry median of 4/88%; and no more than half of the entity’s revenue coming from nontraditional banking activities. Additionally, industrial banks, nondepository trusts, companies with a bankers’ bank certification, and banks with parent companies that have total assets of $10 billion or more were omitted.

Based on the above criteria, 3,782 banks and thrifts were eligible for the analysis. Tolleson did not pay to participate in this award.