Tolleson Private Bank Team Meets up to Throw Axes and Develop Teamwork

December 11, 2017
2 Min read

In November, the Tolleson Private Bank team headed out to Dallas Axe Throwing, a local establishment where anyone can learn how to throw axes.

Suggested by two bank team members, the outing was a great exercise for the department to bond together. “It was so much fun,” said Steve Westerheide, Executive Vice President, Bank Operations and Compliance. “It was physically active and it required the teams to lower their inhibitions, as there was nobody in the room that could profess a specific ‘skill’ in the activity. We were all very much on the same level and the facilitators provided creative goals to achieve.”

Steve Moushon, Tolleson Private Bank’s Senior Vice President, also commented on the team building aspect of the experience. “It’s important to spend a bit of time together away from work to ultimately work better together. We had a great time relaxing, enjoying a unique experience and having a bit of friendly competition and teamwork along the way. We’ll achieve much more working together in alignment than going at it separately.”

Tracy Fulton, Executive Vice President, also thoroughly enjoyed the outing. “Who thought throwing an axe could be so much fun? The competitive juices were flowing as the teams took to the field – or, rather, the board.”

Tolleson Private Bank and its 32 team members create a unique department for Tolleson Wealth Management. The bank serves clients’ personal and business needs by providing convenient deposit and customized credit solutions. Team building and other out-of-office activities for employees is one way the firm cultivates a positive workplace environment that inspires good communication and collaboration.