Tolleson Wealth Management Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary

March 02, 2015 - Culture & Community
1 Min read

On February 26, 2015, Tolleson Wealth Management celebrated its 15-year anniversary with an event commemorating the firm’s history and employee tenure. The event also emphasized the reiteration of the firm’s purpose and core values, which were enhanced through conversations and interactions with employees. “The Tolleson of today is still grounded in its core values and the idea that we are honoring the financial institutions of the past by being extremely client centric,” said Carter Tolleson, President of Tolleson Wealth Management and CEO of Tolleson Private Bank. In 2000, the firm grew from a single-family office serving the needs of the Tolleson family to a shared family office and the beginnings of Tolleson Wealth Management. Fifteen years later, Tolleson Wealth Management has developed into the firm it is known as today. The anniversary celebration marked a historic day by honoring the passionate professionals who are dedicated to serving the needs of their clients.