Tolleson Wealth Management Hosts Family Education Program Event Featuring Diana Chambers

November 09, 2017 - Firm Update
1 Min read

Tolleson Wealth Management recently hosted its signature Family Education Program event, which helps client families plan for the complexities and issues that accompany wealth. The presentation, titled “Financial EQ,” featured a keynote and discussion with Diana Chambers.

Diana Chambers, known as the Family Wealth Mentor, is committed to helping individuals manage their wealth in an emotionally intelligent way. She has a private client practice working closely with individuals and families of significant wealth. Recently, she authored the book “True Wealth: Letters on Money, Life, and Love,” a work that aims to be a distillation of the lessons learned from her years of experience.

Chambers’ presentation touched on how financial wisdom requires financial emotional intelligence. She discussed how both self-knowledge and interpersonal skills influence how life-defining financial decisions are made and, in turn, influence those that we love.