Tolleson Wealth Management Leaders Present Across the Country on Family Office Investment Trends and the Fixed Income Environment

December 21, 2018 - Firm Update
2 Min read

Tolleson Wealth Management is consistently working to provide ways for client families to enjoy their wealth. As a firm that takes care of all things financial, the Investment and Client Advisory Teams continuously work together to create investment strategies that serve each family and their needs. “Our customized approach built over the past two decades and our focus on serving is how we provide value to our clients,” explained Eric Bennett, Chief Investment Officer. “The talent in our firm is focused on using our global resources to manage portfolios in a dynamic financial world.”

Tolleson Wealth Management’s Greg Hall moderated a panel at the Commerce Street Investment Conference in Dallas last month. Hall serves as Client Advisory Team Managing Director and has been with the firm for more than 17 years. He led a panel at the conference on ‘Trends in Family Office Investing’ and spoke about creating investment philosophies designed to meet the goals of each client family.

“I have learned from speaking at various conferences that no single-family office has the same operation,” explained Hall. “Each firm’s investment portfolios are uniquely structured, along with the staffing of the offices, to meet their goals. For us, our investment goals are customized to align with the needs of our client families, so I am able to provide that perspective to our peers.”

Michael Wagner, Director of Fixed Income at the firm, moderated and spoke at the 2018 Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum-West in Napa Valley. Wagner led a panel at the conference on “Investing in Fixed Income: Investing in a Rising Rate Environment” that featured key investment leaders for family offices. As an experienced professional with fixed income, Wagner led a lively discussion and provided insight with others working in family offices from Silicon Valley.

“Tolleson Wealth Management continues to find ways to establish a presence as a national leader with investment strategies for our clients,” explained Wagner. “This is one of the many ways that we, as a multi-family office, are able to help them enjoy their wealth.”

Pictured: (Top) Eric Bennett, Chief Investment Officer, (Middle) Greg Hall, Managing Director on the Client Advisory Team and (Bottom) Michael Wagner, Director of Fixed Income