Investment Update & Economic Outlook: One Year After Covid Began

It has been a little over a year since our lives were shook by COVID-19 shutdowns across the United States. The damage to the economy was substantial last year, but now many want to know what happens next? In this clip from our latest economic outlook video, we discuss what we are watching for: WANT […]

Family Wealth Report Announces Tolleson Wealth Management Award Winner in Multiple Categories

Following its finalist announcement back in February, Family Wealth Report named Tolleson Wealth Management a winner in multiple categories during the 8th Annual Award Ceremony. The firm is proud to celebrate its achievements in Multi-Family Office ($5 billion to $10 billion AUM) and Credit Solution categories alongside a commended recognition in the Fiduciary and Trust […]

Tolleson Insights Podcast

Welcome to the Tolleson Insights Podcast where I share conversations to help families build on their success and leave a more meaningful legacy. Our latest episode in the series discusses how philanthropy helps prepare the next generation. Check out full episode details and click to tune in below. Giving Together: Using Philanthropy to Prepare the […]

Looking Forward: Tolleson Wealth Management Presents the Future

How will the world change after experiencing nearly a year of an unprecedented pandemic? Philanthropy Director Susan Jenevein sought to answer just that with the launch of a new webinar series called Tolleson Wealth Management Presents the Future. Covering four key areas of education, travel, Texas, and energy, she speaks to various industry experts about […]

Employees Celebrate a Continued Partnership with St. Philip’s School and Community Center in 2021

Tolleson Wealth Management proudly marked another year in its partnership with St. Philip’s School and Community Center, committing as a 75th Anniversary Sponsor for the Annual Destiny Luncheon in March. Presented virtually, the luncheon featured New York Times Bestselling and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Isabel Wilkerson as a keynote speaker. Last year, Tolleson Wealth Management […]

Chief Investment Officer Eric W. Bennett Goes Inside the Investment with Frank M. Sands

Chief Investment Officer Eric W. Bennett, CFA, hosted a virtual conversation with Sands Capital Management Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer Frank M. Sands, as part of Tolleson Wealth Management’s Inside the Investment series. Sands discussed the nuances of innovation investing and how he led his firm to success by identifying the differentiated leaders […]


Quarter-End Snapshot: Q4 2020

Quarter-End Snapshot Q4 2020 Firm Update   from Richard Joyner, President It’s been years since I’ve been so excited to celebrate the arrival of a New Year. 2021, we’re glad you’re here but what took you so LONG?!? I’m…

Quarter-End Snapshot: Q3 2020

Quarter-End Snapshot Q3 2020 Firm Update from Carter Tolleson, CEO As we all continue to navigate this strange environment, Tolleson Wealth Management remains fully focused on your family.It has undoubtedly been a very strange and…

Quarter-End Snapshot: Q2 2020

Quarter-End Snapshot Q2 2020 Firm Update   from RICHARD JOYNER, PRESIDENT Wow. What a quarter it has been – it’s the middle of the summer, and we’re already in the second half of 2020! I’m…

Quarter-End Snapshot: Q1 2020

Quarter-End Snapshot Q1 2020 Firm Update   from Carter Tolleson, CEO “Always look for the helpers. Because if you look for the helpers, you’ll know that there is hope.”– Fred RogersThe world changed and it…

Investment Update

Fears from the spreading Coronavirus caused turmoil in the financial markets last week. The S&P 500 dropped 11.5% and is now down 8.5% for the year. Non-US stocks fared slightly better, with the MSCI ACWI-Ex US down slightly more than…

Quarter-End Snapshot: Q4 2019

Quarter-End Snapshot Q4 2019 Firm Update   from RICHARD JOYNER, PRESIDENT It’s hard to believe that 2020 marks our 20th year in business, and we’ve been thinking a lot about how to celebrate such a…

President's Blog

Tolleson Insights Podcast

Welcome to the Tolleson Insights Podcast where I share conversations to help families build on their success and leave a more meaningful legacy. Our latest episode in the series discusses how philanthropy helps prepare the next generation. Check out full episode details and click to tune in below. Giving Together: Using Philanthropy to Prepare the […]

Part II: The Multi-Family Office

In my last blog, I discussed what I see as the benefit of an integrated service team and approach working on behalf of successful, multi-generational families. A great example of working on behalf of families is in the estate planning arena. First of all, it’s important to note that there are lots of estate planning […]

Part I: The Multi-Family Office

One of the most common questions prospective client families ask me is about the advantages of working with a multi-family office. “I have an estate planner, and a CPA, and an investment advisor,” they say. “Can’t I just work with them and get the same result?” Well, yes and no. It’s fair to say that […]

Using Your Exclusions

The holidays are (finally) upon us and gift-giving is often the focus of many family discussions around this time. For families that have achieved a certain level of financial success, the topic may be more important this year than most, although for slightly different reasons. It’s difficult to ignore the fact that there is a […]

Family Leadership Development

Over many years in practice, I’ve watched countless entrepreneurs work to make the transition from operating a family business to living with (and from) financial assets. It takes a different set of skills to create and run a successful business and to maintain and grow a complex web of financial assets, entities, and family members. […]

The Kitchen Dance

Recently, a colleague and I conducted a small family meeting in a client’s home. The meeting included the mom and dad with their two adult children. Since we were in the beginning phases of the family meeting process, spouses and significant others did not attend.

Case Studies

Creating A Legacy

  The Situation: Our clients, Mr. and Mrs. G, retired ten years ago. They sold their family home in Dallas, bought a small condo and spend most of their time travelling abroad. When they are in Dallas, they enjoy spending time in the Dallas Art District seeing performances and viewing art collections. Their three grown […]

Family Meetings and Estate Planning

  The Situation: Mr. E is a father of a family and a serial entrepreneur who has been highly successful in several businesses. While he was busy creating wealth, Mr. E often neglected his estate plan or simply added on to the existing plan using whatever attorney was working on his business affairs at the […]

Post-Nup, Asset Protection

  The Situation: A Tolleson Wealth Management client, Mrs. Y, is a 40-year-old daughter of a very wealthy mother and an only child. She is married to Mr. Y, a man that owns a variety of real estate investments. Most of his real estate consists of self-storage units across the state of Texas. He also […]

Preparing for Marriage

  The Situation: When Ms. L, the daughter of a Tolleson Wealth Management client family, began talking about marriage, our advisors helped begin a dialogue about the best way to prepare for it. Most young people, especially from families of wealth, are very hesitant to have the discussion about the dreaded “prenup.” However, we encouraged […]


  The Situation: Mr. and Mrs. K are prospective clients in their 70s that expressed a great deal of concern about who would take over their financial affairs in the event of either of their deaths. They have four married children in their 40s and nine grandchildren. The children live all over the US. The […]