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Category: Wealth Planning

Preparing for Your Family’s Future

As we transition into another year navigating the pandemic’s unknowns, a family’s need to prepare for succession and practice decision-making is greater. When unexpected circumstances occur, we help families have a plan in place to aid in the transition process. In my latest episode of Tolleson Insights, I share why prepping for your family’s future […]

Lessons Learned Navigating the Pandemic

How have families navigated the pandemic? What are some of the valuable lessons learned? Although the events of 2020 were unexpected and hard to prepare for, having conversations about processes and learning to practice decision-making with your family can help when crisis strikes. In my latest episode of Tolleson Insights, I share my insights after […]

Giving Together: Using Philanthropy to Prepare the Next Generation

In the latest Tolleson Insights podcast episode, I talk about philanthropy and how families can accomplish successful giving with our Director of Philanthropy and Family Engagement Susan Wells Jenevein. Giving Together: Using Philanthropy to Prepare the Next Generation Philanthropy provides families the unique opportunity to create impact, share values, and make decisions together. It can […]

Tolleson Insights Podcast

Welcome to the Tolleson Insights Podcast where I share conversations to help families build on their success and leave a more meaningful legacy. Ep. 7 – Family Leadership Development Understanding the development of family leaders plays an important role as new generations emerge. In this episode, I discuss the path it takes to become a […]

Quarter-End Snapshot: Q4 2020

Quarter-End Snapshot Q4 2020 Scroll Down Firm Update Save As PDF from Richard Joyner, President It’s been years since I’ve been so excited to celebrate the arrival of a New Year. 2021, we’re glad you’re here but what took you so LONG?!? I’m not sure enough time has passed for me to clearly see all the […]

Quarter-End Snapshot: Q3 2020

Quarter-End Snapshot Q3 2020 Scroll Down Firm Update Save As PDF from Carter Tolleson, CEO As we all continue to navigate this strange environment, Tolleson Wealth Management remains fully focused on your family.It has undoubtedly been a very strange and sometimes difficult year. I am extremely pleased with how well the firm has performed, which […]

Pre-Election Planning

Both presidential candidates have discussed substantially different tax plans leading up to this year’s election. It is impossible to predict if or when changes could occur if Joe Biden wins and the Democrats win control over the Senate. Yet, some of the proposed tax law changes in Biden’s tax plan could have significant long-term effects […]

Richard Joyner discusses how Multi-Family Wealth Management Differs from Traditional Financial Planning with Michael Kitces

Kitces Podcaster Michael Kitces invited President of Tolleson Wealth Management Richard Joyner to discuss the differences in private wealth management services in a multi-family office setting versus traditional financial planning. As a multi-family office, each client is given careful attention to their values and goals to go beyond a traditional financial planning approach. “When you […]

Part II: The Multi-Family Office

In my last blog, I discussed what I see as the benefit of an integrated service team and approach working on behalf of successful, multi-generational families. A great example of working on behalf of families is in the estate planning arena. First of all, it’s important to note that there are lots of estate planning […]

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