Family Engagement

“How to handle wealth within a family requires thoughtful planning and education, particularly for the generations to follow. We developed our family engagement program from personal experiences and what we learned from helping other successful families. This depth of experience helps you mold clear and consistent communications to identify, address and mitigate issues that can lead to conflict.” – J. Richard Joyner, President

How We Help


Our advisors are trained to work with family members directly on a variety of difficult issues (can be with or without other, outside professionals) to improve communication, develop financial literacy, facilitate family meetings and help you make the best decisions for generations.


Our team is well versed in family dynamics and can develop customized education strategies in the areas of communication, emotional intelligence, leadership and problem solving – all in service of helping the family move through generational wealth transfer in a healthy and holistic way.


We offer Family Education Speaker Series events to bring engaging thought leaders and keynote speakers to present on topics specific to families of wealth. These events, typically held at lunch, give clients the opportunities to learn in an engaging atmosphere with other families.