Investment Management

"Successful investment strategies begin with your goals. We manage for steady growth and downside protection. With you and for you, we build a portfolio that is true to your risk tolerance and customized to your family's lives and needs.” – Eric Bennett, Chief Investment Officer

How We Help


The core of our wealth management strategy is investment management. Developed in 1997, it was specifically designed for families of significant wealth to meet their unique needs. We serve as your partner, providing you with professional advice, access to resources and knowledgeable investment managers.


We customize our investment approach by first recognizing your needs and creating a strategy that’s based on your goals, risk tolerance and other preferences. Our team is driven and inspired to serve the client’s best interests.


We communicate and monitor your investments with proactive correspondence and timely reporting. Over time, we manage your portfolio with the focus on protecting your assets and managing tax efficiency. We conduct continuous due diligence and monitoring of investments to stay in line with your investment goals.