“A well-designed philanthropic strategy can teach future generations about the values and charitable interests of the founding family. It is also how the family’s legacy is known and respected in the community. We offer services to help you create and administer a legacy through charitable giving.” – J. Carter Tolleson, CEO

How We Help


Our team helps to design a plan and strategy for each family. We can determine the best way to carry out charitable intentions, whether through direct gifts, a private foundation or with a donor-advised fund.


The Tolleson Wealth Management Donor-Advised Fund offers individuals, families and charitable organizations a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving. We assist with everything from grant recommendations to gift agreements to follow up with your recommended charities.


We provide administrative and operational support for charitable organizations, including private foundations. To create personal, impactful approaches to giving, we assist with mission development, grant processing and strategy, managing investments and providing back-office support for operations.