2021 Fitness Challenge: Celebrating Summer Sports

September 27, 2021
1 Min read

Each summer, Tolleson Wealth Management employees take part in a fitness challenge, encouraging all participants to stay active with friendly competition. The 2021 Fitness Challenge honored the Summer Olympic Games with its theme and kicked off with a weekly goal to hit 90 active minutes. Employees were then encouraged to increase that baseline by 30 minutes each week with opportunities to earn extra points by completing their active minutes with a co-worker. Virtual classes helped connect employees from different departments.

This year, 92 employees participated in the annual event, spanning four weeks. Recommended “Summer Sports” for extra points included exercises such as outdoor or indoor cycling, skating, basketball, golf, swimming, paddle boarding, Pilates, and yoga. To complete the competition, individuals were awarded various prizes including the coveted gold, silver, and bronze medals – awarded to those who had the most overall active minutes.

“We continue to make wellness a priority and will always strive to provide ways to build relationships between colleagues,” says Senior Human Resources Manager Mary Ledford. “The Fitness Challenge is a fun way to promote fitness and outdoor activities.”

Prioritizing a strong culture, the annual fitness challenge is a way to keep everyone connected. Tolleson Wealth Management’s participating employees contributed nearly 70,000 active minutes during the challenge.