Amy Armstrong’s Insight for Succeeding within Tolleson Wealth Management’s Tax Department

September 15, 2020
2 Min read

Amy Armstrong joined Tolleson Wealth Management in 2007 with a non-traditional tax background. Now the Managing Director the firm’s tax department, she leads a team of professionals who provide a broad variety of tax services to ultra-high net worth clients. Armstrong shares her insight into succeeding on the tax team:

What does Tolleson Wealth Management’s Tax team do?

“We do everything a traditional CPA* firm does, plus more. We handle income tax and gift tax returns for individual family members, trusts, and investment vehicles as well as providing a resource for the client advisory team for tax ramifications and to ensure decisions are considered in real time rather than in a year.”

What makes someone successful working within the tax department?

“Someone who pays attention to detail and is driven to understand the why. It’s important to understand why you are doing something because, as circumstances change, you are able to adapt and understand what you’ve previously done.”

Do prospective employees need the CPA master’s program to apply?

“No, I deeply believe that it is attention to detail and the intellectual curiosity that make an individual successful. We take non-traditional degrees if someone has a desire to shift into this field.”

How would you describe the culture?

“We take care of our employees and deeply invest in the education of new hires with a goal of getting them exposed to a wide variety of client types and circumstances to help accelerate their professional growth.”

As seen through Armstrong, developing talent is important to the firm’s culture and vision. Tolleson Wealth Management views development as a holistic process and is committed to maintaining a strong culture through engaging, rewarding, and growing employee talent. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in joining the Tax team, please learn more about opportunities on the careers page.

*Not a CPA Firm.