Celebrating the Life and Contributions of Gene H. Bishop

February 26, 2019 - Firm Update
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Gene H. Bishop

The team at Tolleson Wealth Management mourns the death of board member and advisor Gene H. Bishop after hearing the news of his passing last week. He was a mentor and dear friend to many at the firm.

“Without question, Gene w

as the finest businessman, banker that I’ve ever been around,” John Tolleson said. “In the ‘80s, when all the banks were collapsing and so many businesses in Texas were failing, he always treated everybody so fairly — as opposed to bankers who got tough with clients. Gene never did that. He understood that the circumstance was economic and stuck with them.”

Gene’s résumé is well known, largely from his role as Chairman of the Board and CEO at Mercantile National Bank (building, with “momentum,” into MCorp). He was dedicated to his community, serving on countless Dallas civic boards and the boards of 20 publicly traded companies. Gene donated untold hours to bolster the citizens of the city he loved, to offer counsel to his associates, and to enrich his greater community. He was a true gentleman, a sage friend, and a builder – of businesses, jobs, foundations, and legacies.

We are deeply saddened by this loss. He will be greatly missed by family, friends, colleagues, and the Dallas community.

About Gene H. Bishop
Gene was born in Mississippi and served in the United States Air Force, but it was in Dallas where he truly made his mark. He joined First National Bank of Dallas in 1954 and served in various capacities over the next 15 years, including Executive Vice President as well as President and Director of the bank’s wholly owned small business investment corporation, First Dallas Capital Corporation. From 1969 to 1975, he was president of Lomas Financial Corporation and Lomas and Net

tleton Mortgage Investors. In 1975, Gene joined Mercantile National Bank (which later became MCorp, a bank holding company) and served as Chairman of the Board and CEO until 1990. He then served in executive roles at Lomas Financial Corporation, and later as Chairman and CEO of Life Partners Group, Inc., until he retired in 1994. He has served on numerous corporate and civic Board of Directors, including Tolleson Wealth Management since its inception. Gene was a caring father of three, a devoted husband to his beloved wife, Kathy, a loyal friend to many, and a mentor to far more. Certainly, Gene was a mentor to the city – using each and every day to enhance the arts and public services, to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship, and to help build dreams in brick and concrete, glass and steel.