Continued Partnerships Strengthen Tolleson Wealth Management’s Community Outreach

April 19, 2018
2 Min read

Not only has Tolleson Wealth Management chosen Wesley-Rankin Community Center as an organization to sponsor and partner with, Chief Financial Officer Tracie Klein serves on the Wesley-Rankin Board of Directors. “Tolleson Wealth Management selected Wesley-Rankin as an organization to support after a very thoughtful due diligence process by many on our team,” said Klein. “I am excited to have been recently named as a board member to this organization to aid in continuing the firm’s support of this wonderful organization and its mission of supporting the West Dallas community.”

As a partnership initiative, Tolleson Wealth Management sponsored Wesley-Rankin’s 10th Annual Hattie’s Luncheon this week. The luncheon offered a closer look into Wesley-Rankin’s mission and the communities of people served by the organization. As an after-school center for children in West Dallas, Wesley-Rankin cares for hundreds of families and children living in poverty each year.

Klein attended the event with other Tolleson Wealth Management employees this week. “Wesley-Rankin’s new Executive Director, Shellie Ross, spoke at today’s Hattie’s Luncheon about West Dallas and the impact of the organization. I loved what she had to say about some of those served by Wesley-Rankin,” said Klein. People living at or below the poverty line in the West Dallas community are affected by an array of demographic factors that inhibit their chances to be successful in life. Wesley-Rankin’s mission is to provide results-oriented programs focusing on academic support and nutritional services.

Tolleson Wealth Management chose Wesley-Rankin Community Center as a partner in early 2017 in an effort to align its philanthropic impact in the community. The firm supports the center by providing donations, drives, sponsorship and volunteer opportunities for employees.

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