Employees Celebrate Wellness Initiative with Healthy Potluck

June 16, 2015
1 Min read

Tolleson Wealth Management rolled out a wellness initiative this spring encouraging employees to increase their physical activity and make healthy lifestyle choices. To support this initiative, the firm hosted a company-wide potluck lunch for employees to bring homemade healthy dishes. Employees made nutritious meals, ranging from salads and “skinny” dips to low-calorie, but delicious desserts. Using recipes from the potluck dishes, cookbooks were created for employees to take home so they could recreate their favorite meals from the lunch.

The healthy potluck was one of the ways that Tolleson Wealth Management has tried to encourage wellness for its employees. The firm has also organized a step challenge in addition to funding employee 5K participation, hosting company walks and providing healthy snacks in break rooms. Nearing the end of the challenge, employees have collectively walked more than 61 million steps!