Employees Focus on Professional Development with Podcast Club

May 25, 2021
2 Min read

After the launch of the podcast series Tolleson Insights run by President Richard Joyner, employees were inspired to learn and connect with new topics. Tolleson Wealth Management’s internal ‘Culture Club’ committee explored how different types of podcasts could create professional development and networking opportunities across each team. Taking leadership of the idea, Business Analyst Meghan Fogel and Executive Assistant Trista Granberry led the roll out of the first-ever employee podcast club.

The format of the Podcast Club is simple. A podcast is recommended to employees once a month and a follow-up discussion is led by an executive. The moderator kicks off the discussion and then the conversation flows to wherever the group takes it. Discussions are held virtually to bring people from different locations together.

“I’m really excited to be working to spearhead the Podcast Club! The episodes we select and the discussions generated from the content really give us a unique opportunity to interact across departments/teams on a regular basis in a way that our daily work doesn’t always allow,” says Fogel.

Fogel and Granberry vet each chosen podcast episode in advance to ensure quality, relevance, and appropriateness for the goals of the Podcast Club as well as coordinate with the firm’s leadership team for upcoming discussions. Similar to a book club, the goal is to create a pool of podcast episodes that vary in topic and reach all interests of the podcast club members. Since the Club’s initial meeting, more than 30% of employees participate regularly. This is one of the examples of how Tolleson Wealth Management can support an engaging and rewarding workplace for its team members. The team is proud to support one another in exciting and collaborative endeavors that enrich the culture.