High Exposure Internships Lead to Career Success

April 05, 2018
2 Min read

Tolleson Wealth Management offers a unique tax internship program that is continuing to lead into successful career paths within the tax department and beyond. Tax interns are given high-level work that allows complete exposure to the Tolleson Wealth Management tax department. Unlike other tax internships, this program allows interns to pick up associate-level work and learn in a hands-on environment. The comprehensive projects allow interns to gain an internship experience that is unique to the firm.

“We look for interns who demonstrate a positive attitude, strong work ethic and who want to learn and apply the skills necessary to be a tax professional,” said Laura Stahlhut, Tax Director. “We also look for interns who will be CPA* exam eligible upon completion of their studies. Our interns do the same work as full-time associates, so a successful intern can easily transition to the role of a full-time associate.”

Kevin Baggett and Alex Braz are tax associates that started with Tolleson Wealth Management as interns. As examples of this easy transition, Baggett and Braz have an in-depth knowledge of the tax process at the firm because of their internships.

“There aren’t many changes from intern to full-time work in the tax department. The main differences are your knowledge base is expected to have widened, the workload increases a small amount and you get asked more questions by your fellow associates and senior associates,” said Baggett. “You start doing more complex returns. In terms of career development, it lets you know that the tax seasons are worth it and that you can do it. You begin to try to look at more of the big picture instead of just that one small return you are doing and how the returns are linked.”

As a multi-family office, the tax department is one of the many moving parts used to serve our clients. Tax planning, preparation and payments are services provided by this highly-skilled team.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested in interning for Tolleson Wealth Management, please check out our careers page.

Pictured: Royal Gamber, Anh Dieu and Steven Altmaier, Spring 2018 tax interns.

*Tolleson Wealth Management is not a CPA firm.