Internships Teach Four Students About Working For A Multi Family Office

July 26, 2017
2 Min read

Tolleson Wealth Management employed four interns as part of its annual summer internship program. Caitlin Barron, Jack Makin, Samuel Bennett and Julian Janssen (pictured left to right) support departments across the firm while learning valuable experience about working for a multi-family office.

“I knew I was interested in wealth management,” said Caitlin Barron, one of Tolleson Wealth Management’s private wealth management interns, “but didn’t know where would be the best place to try it out.”

An incoming senior at Southern Methodist University, Caitlin’s search around her school’s job board led her to Tolleson Wealth Management, where an interview gave her appreciation of the company’s culture and attitude towards clients.

Caitlin is spending the summer in rotation around different departments to see how the company operates, along with Jack Makin. Jack learned of the private wealth management internship program during a job fair at Southern Methodist University. He was a sophomore at the time, and while the intern program is limited to students who are juniors and above, Jack was quick to apply as soon as he became eligible. “It seemed like a great place for me to apply, make connections and function as a launching point for my professional career,” Jack explained.

In addition to private wealth management interns, Tolleson Wealth Management also enlisted interns for two other departments: Information Technology/Operations and Marketing.

IT and Operations intern Samuel Bennett came to work at Tolleson Wealth Management after being introduced through a familial connection. Samuel has enjoyed a more in-depth exploration of the field as he applies what he learned in school.

“A lot of classes only teach you the bare bones, especially some of the coding classes,” said Samuel, who studies Computer Science and Mathematics at Indiana University. “I’ve already learned a lot about the different software programs here at Tolleson and how they work and interact, which is really helpful for future experiences.”

Julian Janssen, currently attending the University of Texas at Dallas, works within the Communications and Marketing Department on branding and material design. “I really appreciate the opportunity to apply the skills I have learned in school,” said Julian, who is enrolled in the Emerging Media and Communication program at UTD. “I feel like everything I’ve done here so far made a meaningful contribution.”

Tolleson Wealth Management has employed summer interns for more than ten years, many returning as full-time hires. “Our internships are a great way for students to gain experience and find out what they are most passionate about,” said Meredith Walker, Human Resources Business Partner. Meredith has worked with employees and leaders to design an internship program that is mutually valuable to students and the firm – and something that Tolleson Wealth Management will continue to offer.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested in interning for Tolleson Wealth Management, please check out our careers page.