Monthly Meditation Classes for Employees Teach Helpful Strategies during Pandemic

August 25, 2020 - Culture & Community
2 Min read

What originally began as a trial to test a new type of wellness program quickly grew into a beloved monthly meditation series for Tolleson Wealth Management employees. These meditation sessions began as a way for employees to learn meditation and relaxation strategies while also earning credits in the firm’s wellness tracking system that inspires and encourages well-being. Starting in February, these sessions allowed a 20-minute refresh and restart in the middle of the day to help with productivity.

Executive Assistant Trista Granberry leads the classes and participated in a 200-hour meditation course to become a certified meditation teacher (RYT200). She originally took the course for her own self-growth and now enjoys sharing her teaching with others. Granberry says “If I’m helping in some way, especially during this time, and it helps someone find more clarity or calm in their life, I’m all about it.” When the monthly in-person sessions shifted online due to COVID-19, Granberry was overwhelmed with the positive feedback and began offering the sessions more frequently as an outlet for those working remotely.

Each session, Granberry tweaks her message hoping to further train participants to pause in life and think about mindfully responding versus quickly reacting in both work and personal scenarios. Security and Facilities Manager Rick Green says “Trista’s sessions are a great introduction into the practice of meditation! She offers several techniques to help direct your attention within. After each session, I’m left feeling refreshed, positive, and ready to give my full attention to anything and anyone I encounter.” Tolleson Wealth Management continues to keep the culture strong during uncertain times with programs focused on employee well-being.