Reverse Mentor Program Aims to Cultivate Growth

June 08, 2021
1 Min read

The Reverse Mentor Program wrapped up another successful cohort as it continued to evolve in its third year. Twelve Tolleson Wealth Management employees mentored a group of senior leaders to amplify their coaching skills and provide new ideas for organizational growth. Divided into pairs, they worked together to continue the program mission of stimulating unique impact while nurturing cross-department relationships.

This year, pairs were specifically tasked to work on a project that would ultimately enhance the firm’s culture or improve a current process. The young professionals, serving as mentors, flexed their creativity and innovation as they worked with their senior leader on a specific goal or idea. After spending six months meeting together to brainstorm and discuss relevant issues, each pair presented their project and action plan to implement.

“The Reverse Mentor Program uniquely allows employees of the rising generation to build relationships with the leadership team, gain leadership experience, and take charge in making the company the best it can be,” explains program co-leader Ashley Lewis. “I personally learned so much from participating and helping to coordinate the program. I think having the opportunity to build relationships with senior leaders adds great value to company culture.”

The group wrapped up its endeavors with a celebration of their hard work and new friendships gained.