Strengthening Leadership Culture at the Sixth Annual Leadership Retreat

August 29, 2019
1 Min read

Leaders at Tolleson Wealth Management gathered together this July during the firm’s annual leadership retreat. Over two days, the group participated in interactive sessions to refine their leadership skills and set a vision for the future.

There are six key components that help create a strong leadership culture: team building, communication, addressing industry trends, cross-departmental collaboration, skill building, and recognition. In 2006, Tolleson Wealth Management recognized the importance of integrating these areas alongside growth of services, added to meet client need after the firm’s inception six years prior. In 2013, it became evident that leaders needed to strategically professionalize the firm and continue to implement best practices and learning principles. The first retreat started with the original goal to get department heads across the firm together to share ideas and learn from each other. From this time, the annual leadership retreat became a gathering where integrated, cross-functional teams work together to drive change and support a positive culture for employees and clients.

Tolleson Wealth Management has seen a positive effect from this time spent sharpening skills and creating an integrated leadership experience. In 2020, in recognition of the firm’s 20th anniversary, the retreat is planned to expand to help incorporate a larger management group.

Pictured: Retreat attendees gathered at the first evening of the retreat