Strengthening Mentorship Culture through Successful Reverse Mentor Program

May 03, 2019
1 Min read

For the past year, 13 pairs of millennials and senior executives participated in the full launch of Tolleson Wealth Management’s “Level” Reverse Mentor Program. After a successful six-month pilot, millennials across the firm partnered and met regularly with senior executives to give mentorship guidance, discuss important themes, and grow collaboration across departments.

The firm recognized this program as a unique opportunity in leadership for its rising generation of young professionals. Millennial mentors gave their senior-level “mentees” effective coaching through listening and lending fresh perspectives on their goals and challenges. The goal of the senior executive mentees was to actively learn and gain insight from the millennials in the firm.

“My mentor, Katie, has become a sounding board for new ideas and we have collaborated on various projects throughout the year as a result of our pairing,” shared Jeff Strese, Family Learning Consultant. “We are committed to nurturing our learning culture and giving younger employees the opportunity to step into leadership roles.”

Pictured: Jeff Strese, Family Learning Consultant, with his mentor, Katie McIntyre, Analyst on the Client Advisory Team