The Tolleson Team Celebrates the 2023 Holiday Season

December 22, 2023
1 Min read

The Tolleson team gathered earlier this month to celebrate the season at the 2023 annual holiday party. Employees and their guests enjoyed an evening of dinner, socializing, and festivities.

“Thank you all for being here tonight,” said President and CEO Carter Tolleson during his toast. “What we have that most other firms don’t… is this,” he explained, pointing to his heart. Newly appointed President of Tolleson Private Bank Tracy Fulton followed Carter’s toast with a kickoff to the night’s entertainment of a dueling piano performance.

The evening encapsulated Tolleson’s “one heartbeat” — the strong culture built from the Tolleson family legacy and sustained for more than two decades. Events like this are one of the ways the team comes together to celebrate their accomplishments over the last year.