Tolleson Wealth Management Celebrates Business Analysis Manager Jennifer Kuncl’s Volunteer Accomplishments

March 27, 2019 - Culture & Community
2 Min read

Jennifer Kuncl received a $1,000 grant from Tolleson Wealth Management for her work with Holy Sews-DFW in 2018. She logged more than 160 volunteer hours with the organization, earning her the Employee Community Service Award for the year. Jennifer has volunteered as Director of Holy Sews-DFW for seven years and oversees more than 100 registered volunteers each week.

Jennifer’s work with Holy Sews-DFW impacts families that have recently lost a child. The organization provides clothing and support for families during heartbreaking losses. “We all want our families to thrive. And if our communities are not thriving, our families are affected. Giving back to the community through volunteering is an easy way (and free) way to have direct impact on your community – and you get the “feel good” benefit as an added bonus,” explained Jennifer.

“Pregnancy loss is one of those areas that no one wants to talk about – and most people have no idea that one in four pregnancies end in loss. That’s a lot of broken hearts,” Jennifer explained about the work of Holy Sews-DFW. “Our motto – ‘Mending Hearts One Stitch at a Time’ speaks to the core of that. Each of our layettes is created with love and understanding for a family we’ve never met – a family that goes home with a broken heart instead of a baby.”

Tolleson Wealth Management is extremely proud to support volunteer efforts, giving them 20 hours of paid volunteer time each year. As a firm founded by the Tolleson family who values philanthropic impact, volunteering and community engagement play a significant role in its culture. Serving families and community impact has and always will be a key tenant of the Tolleson Wealth Management mission.

Jennifer was finalist for D CEO’s 2018 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards as Volunteer of the Year. Read our feature on that here.