Tolleson Wealth Management Launches Enhanced Wellness Program

January 24, 2018 - Culture & Community
2 Min read

With the start of the new year, Tolleson Wealth Management launched Live Well, an enhanced wellness tracking system that inspires and encourages well-being. Employees can participate and compete in company challenges each month, as well as set personal goals. Social and community health, physical health, career health and financial health are the main areas of wellness that the firm will focus on this year.

Human Resources Business Partner Meredith Walker (pictured above) prepared for the rollout by placing vibrant balloons around the office to remind employees to register for the Live Well tracking system. The launch included an office “Week of Wellness” with activities such as yoga classes, a healthy potluck lunch and complimentary on-site health screenings for employees.

“Our goal is to offer a platform that allows people to track and manage their overall total well-being,” said Walker. “We want people to have the opportunity to know their numbers and areas they may need to work on in a fun and safe environment. Plus, it’s always fun to participate in challenges with your co-workers and earn rewards!”

The Human Resources Team is working to promote long-lasting healthy habits for each employee carry out for the entire year. “The Live Well program is comprehensive in its support of overall well-being. The program has something for everyone and allows participants opportunities to team up with others or just focus on individual goals. Participation is completely voluntary and Live Well makes it easy to track what you’re doing along the way,” said Tracie Klein, Chief Financial Advisor. “We hope it’s both fun and beneficial to all of our employees.”