Tolleson Wealth Management’s IT Team Gives Away Desktop Monitors

August 02, 2018 - Culture & Community
1 Min read

Every quarter, the Information Technology (IT) team at Tolleson Wealth Management donates used computer monitors and desktops to various local organizations in need. This past month, they partnered with Healing Hands Ministries, a local charity that provides low-cost medical and dental care. After many employees received newer upgrades for increased work efficiency this summer, the team was able to reset, wipe and gift 54 computer monitors and 10 desktops.

As an ongoing effort to give back, the IT team has donated more than 20 computer desktops and 100 computer monitors to various local organizations in 2018. Matt Pollard, Senior Technician on the IT team, coordinates the drop-offs and donation logistics. He suggested that instead of trashing the older models, they could be put to good use for others in need. Co-worker and Senior Technician Les Weinmunson explained, “The IT Team enjoys making donations and giving back to the community whenever possible. This is a unique and meaningful way we can accomplish that.”

Pictured: Matt Pollard, Senior Technician, Desktop Support Services.